Corian® Colours

Corian is available is almost every colour possible with other 91 colours and styles to choose from. If you would like to request a sample please contact us with your requirements.


Corian Abalone Abalone
Corian Antarctica Antarctica
Corian Anthracite Anthracite
Corian Aqua Aqua
Corian Artic Ice Artic Ice
Corian Arrow Root Arrow Root
Corian Athena Gray Athena Gray
Corian Aurora Aurora
Corian Aztec Gold Aztec Gold
Corian Beige Firestone Beige Firestone
Corian Bisque Bisque
Corian Bisque Bisque
Corian Blooming Green Blooming Green
Corian Blueberry Ice Blueberry Ice
Corian Bone Bone
Corian Burled Beach Burled Beach
Corian Cameo White Cameo White
Corian Canyon Canyon
Corian Chic Aubergine Chic Aubergine
Corian Citrus Orange Citrus Orange
Corian Clam Shell Clam Shell
Corian Clay Clay
Corian Cocoa Brown Cocoa Brown
Corian Deep Anthracite Deep Anthracite
Corian Deep Bedrock Deep Bedrock
Corian Deep Black Quartz Deep Black Quartz
Corian Deep Caviar Deep Caviar
Corian Deep Cloud Deep Cloud
Corian Deep Espresso Deep Espresso
Corian Deep Mink Deep Mink
Corian Deep Night Sky Deep Night Sky
Corian Deep Nocturne Deep Nocturne
Corian Deep Sable Deep Sable
Corian Deep Storm Deep Storm
Corian Deep Titanium Deep Titanium
Corian Designer White Designer White
Corian Diamond Blue Diamond Blue
Corian Distinct Tan Distinct Tan
Corian Dove Dove
Corian Dusk Dusk
Corian Eclipse Eclipse
Corian Ecru Ecru
Corian Elegant Gray Elegant Gray
Corian Elegant Gray Elegant Gray
Corian Ethereal Azure Ethereal Azure
Corian Everest Everest
Corian Fossil Fossil
Corian Glacier Ice Glacier Ice
Corian Glacier White Glacier White
Corian Grape Green Grape Green
Corian Gravel Gravel
Corian Hazelnut Hazelnut
Corian Hot Hot
Corian Ice White Ice White
Corian Imperial Yellow Imperial Yellow
Corian Juniper Juniper
Corian Lava Rock Lava Rock
Corian Light Ash Light Ash
Corian Lime Ice Lime Ice
Corian Linen Linen
Corian Matterhorn Matterhorn
Corian Midnight Midnight
Corian Mint Ice Mint Ice
Corian Mojave Mojave
Corian Mont Blanc Mont Blanc
Corian Pearl Gray Pearl Gray
Corian Pearl Gray Pearl Gray
Corian Platinum Platinum
Corian Raffia Raffia
Corian Rain Cloud Rain Cloud
Corian Rosemary Rosemary
Corian Royal Red Royal Red
Corian Sage Brush Sage Brush
Corian Sahara Sahara
Corian Sand Sand
Corian Sandalwood Sandalwood
Corian Savannah Savannah
Corian Seagrass Seagrass
Corian Shale Shale
Corian Sienna Brown Sienna Brown
Corian Silt Silt
Corian Silver Birch Silver Birch
Corian Silver Gray Silver Gray
Corian Silverite Silverite
Corian Sonora Sonora
Corian Sorrel Sorrel
Corian Tumbleweed Tumbleweed
Corian Vanilla Vanilla
Corian Venaro White Venaro White
Corian White Jasmine White Jasmine
Corian Whitecap Whitecap
Corian Witch Hazel Witch Hazel