Corian Kitchen Worktops

Kitchens are one of the most frequently used rooms in the house, and in Britain the average person spends up to three years of their life cooking. That doesn’t take into account all the time you spend in the kitchen when you’re not cooking – chatting, putting shopping away, sorting laundry or just sitting down with a cuppa. As we all tend spend so much time in there, kitchens not only need to look good but also perform brilliantly. That’s why it’s important to spend some time thinking about the right kitchen worktop for you, and to choose a material that’s resilient, versatile, hygienic and long lasting.

With that in mind, we recommend Corian for your next kitchen worktop. We’re expert at working with this versatile, practical material, and provide a full design, fabrication and manufacturing service to give you a perfect result, every time. We now cover the whole of the UK, delivering a top quality, bespoke service nationwide.
If you have any questions about Corian or any other solid surface please feel free to give us a call on the above number and we will be happy to help.

Corian Features and Benefits

Corian is the perfect choice for any kitchen. It’s durable, versatile, easy to clean and maintain, won’t harbour bacteria and will stay looking good for years. Unlike granite and other natural materials, Corian has good sound absorption and acoustic properties and also has low flammability, so it’s completely safe to use around hobs and other heat sources.


Corian is a manmade, solid surface. Unlike natural stone, it’s been tailor made for the job and has several advantages over other surfaces such as granite and wood. It’s resistant to stains and heat and won’t fade in strong sunlight. It’s also easy to keep it looking good for years, as it’s resilient and can survive accidental impacts such as the nicks and cuts that it’s impossible to avoid in a busy kitchen. You can even repair minor damage yourself, making it a great value choice which will stay looking good for years.


Corian is an ideal partner for metal, wood, glass, or natural stone, making it a perfect choice for any style of kitchen. Unlike natural materials, it can be shaped to contour awkward angles or create soft curves. It’s also perfect for larger projects, such as room-length worktops, as our expert craftsmen can design, produce and install a result that’s practically seam-free and looks like a single surface. With our bespoke fabrication service, you can get exactly the result you want.

Easy to clean

One of the many advantages of Corian is that the countertops are installed with an almost invisible joint. The sections are cut to size and then heat-sealed to create an practically seamless join. That means no more crumbs falling into cracks, and no bacteria hiding in crevices. Corian sinks are smoothly incorporated into the worktop, giving a simple, contemporary line that will grace any style of kitchen. That means no lip on the sink edge, and no build-up of hard-to-reach grime around the rim – just wipe with a damp cloth as part of your daily routine.


To keep your Corian in perfect condition, wipe up any spills as soon as you can as a blotchy film can build up on the surface if it’s left wet. This can easily be removed with a standard household cleaner and a damp cloth if necessary.
Some colours of Corian may require more frequent cleaning to maintain a uniform finish, with darker colours tending to need more attention than lighter colours.

To keep your sink sparkling, wipe it round with a household cleaner and a damp cloth once or twice a week, then make up a spray of three parts household bleach to one part water. Spray it round the sink, and leave overnight (for up to 16 hours). In the morning, just rinse round and wipe with a cloth for a pristine result.

While Corian is heat resistant, it may scorch if you put hot pans directly onto the countertop surface. To keep your surface in tiptop condition, always use a trivet when putting pans down, and let cookware cool before you put it into a Corian sink.


Corian has a non-porous surface that prevents dirt and liquids from penetrating the material. Any marks and stains sitting on the surface can easily be removed by gentle rubbing with a Scotch-Brite™ pad and bleaching cleanser. It’s often impossible to clean natural surfaces such as wood really thoroughly, and constant wiping can help create the damp environment which mould and bacteria love. As no liquid or air can penetrate Corian, though, it won’t harbour bacteria or mould. When we say Corian looks clean, it really is clean, providing a completely safe and non-toxic environment.


Corian surfaces are environmentally friendly and renewable, and you can normally remove any stains simply by rubbing the affected area with a mild abrasive household cleaner.

Corian won’t delaminate, and the colour and texture goes all the way through the surface so you can repair minor damage yourself by sanding. You can buy a specialist pad to help remove fine scratches, such as those made by a careless chopping knife. For any larger areas of damage, our experts are at hand to discuss the best solution.

Available Corian Colours

your design. You can select from classic, plain, solid colours, or textured patterns such as marble-like veining, graining or metallic flecks – the only limit is your imagination.
Here at Avamco, our most popular choices are Designer White, Glacier White and Antarctica, which will seamlessly blend into any existing colour scheme for a stunning bespoke finish.

To view the entire range of available colours please click here.

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